If you have been convicted with a DUI case, the most vital decision you should make in this trying time would be to look for good Tampa DUI lawyers. The majority of DUI lawyers will give an initial consultation for free. This time, you should maximize this chance by being prepared with all of your case’s details and come up with a list of questions to ask them for you to know who can represent you well among all the lawyers available. Below is a list of important questions to ask them:

Are you willing to represent me at the DMV? If you happened to be charged with a DUI, you need to get another procedure with the DMV as well about your driver’s license’s suspension. Perhaps you want a similar attorney to take care of your criminal cases and DMV. Ask your attorney how this will be dealt with in their costs.

What are your fees? Clarify whether the attorney will be charging an hourly rate or a flat fee, which is more typically used by DUI lawyers. Will there be additional expenses, like fees for an expert witness? Make sure to know about the details on how you’ll be billed.

May I know about the most recent DUI case that you won and how did you deal with it? Your attorney must have an extremely new local case that they won and ask when the next case of the lawyer will be. DUI attorney whose practice is purely focused on handling DUI cases must be anticipated to get 1 or more DUI trials during their schedule in a week or more of your interview. Also, you can ask them how frequently the lawyer gets cases to trial.

Are you well-versed about the state court system? Guarantee that the lawyer knows the prosecutors who can possibly be taking over your case and that the practices within your locality. Determining what types of plea deals a prosecutor usually gives, for example, makes an extremely great difference in your case.

What experience can you do that relates to DUI cases? Has the lawyer ever worked on DUI cases as a public defender, police officer, or a prosecutor? Make sure to ask the attorney whether they have ever departed with a police officer during a DUI ride-along.

What’s your success rate? Ask them the number of cases that they’ve actually got the charges dismissed or even just bargained the plea down to reckless driving.

What’s your experience in representing clients charged with DUI? How many years have you been practicing DUI law and how many cases do you usually get within a year? You need to know from them the caseload percentage of a particular lawyer, which is concentrated on DUI. It must be near 100 percent. Once an attorney specializes in DUI cases, you can expect that they will be updated about anything that’s been modified when it comes to DUI laws.