Illuminating the landscape is hard work. It is a painstaking process that is very worthy of every sweat and money that you spent trying to put it all together because lighting can make or break your landscape. Your landscaped garden is not just about what type and kinds of plants and trees you plant in it but it also relies on lighting especially at night. Lighting is definitely a wonderful way to change the look of your landscape and it just emphasizes the beauty of your landscape even more. You truly need good lighting in your yard if you want to show off your beautiful creation. Trust us, your landscaped garden would look different but in a good way.

In choosing the type of lighting to put in your landscape, it will be easy for you to lose yourself in the process because there are so many for you to choose from. The choices will definitely play with your mind since you have so many to handle. But, if you really want to improve your landscape then you have to be smart about lighting or illuminating your garden. Proper garden lighting is not that easy but you could do it if you are aware of the techniques and the effects that you could apply to your garden. Don’t worry because if you could not handle it yourself, we have Fort Myers Outdoor Lighting Installation to depend to since they are the experts in properly lighting your landscape.

To give you a concrete idea on the effects that you could apply to your own landscaped garden, we have compiled a list of famous styles that you could use for yourself. Take some notes on this very informative article.

  • Shadowing

You could easily achieve this lighting effect if you put your source of light in the middle of the position of where the people stare at the plant or object in your garden and directly where the object or plant is. You should only do this effect if the plant or object is located in front of a flat surface or any wall for that matter. This lighting effect is very good in adding drama and coziness to the whole look of your landscaped garden. If you want to achieve this effect then you could use flood lights, well lights or even spot lights.

  • Up Lighting

Up lighting effect is very common to most gardens that enjoy landscape lightings because this effect is very good in highlighting tall trees or plants to emphasize it even more. And if your garden has a deck then you could use up lighting effect in illuminating stairs or the deck itself to emphasize its beauty at night. If you want to apply this effect to your own garden then you could use some well lights or some spot lights as well.

  • Washing

If you want to give light to a larger area in your garden but you still want to keep it subtle and not overwhelming then washing is the effect that you should use because this effect is capable of illuminating a larger space which is good if you would want a more lit place. And some flood lights will help you do this effect.

The above mentioned lighting effects are very useful if you want to keep your landscape beautifully lit even at night.